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Strategic Planning

CAIDP produces Strategic Plans every five years. The strategic planning process is overseen by the Board and usually includes a facilitated strategic planning workshop that includes both the Board and members. The draft strategic plan is reviewed and adopted by the Board and presented to members at the AGM for endorsement.

One of the Board Vice Chairs takes responsibility for the strategic planning process and finalization of the strategic plan. The Strategic Plans guide the CAIDP Board of Directors and the work of the Committees. Annual Reports to Members, prepared for the AGMs report on progress against the objectives laid out in the Strategic Plan.

The current CAIDP's Strategy 2019-2023 was built on the previous strategies. A strategic workshop revealed that the assocation is confident that its Vision and Mission were still relevant, although some improvements to the Value Proposition were needed to strengthen its membership base. Below are highlights of this strategy 2019-2023 and of the three strategic directions.