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CAIDP Conferences

Each time, we look forward to CAIDP’s conference as a highlight of the calendar of the association. This event is a chance to bring together our diverse membership, to share ideas, to discuss the impact of new policies and to enjoy each other’s company. The conference plays an essential role in our goal of providing a forum for members and friends to exchange professional information and engage in professional development.

We strive to ensure that our conference programs reflect the concerns and interests of our membership. With the world changing and Canada's role with it, it has become increasingly important for us, as development professionals, to learn to navigate the global market place and distinguish ourselves in an era of global competitiveness.

Bringing together academics, practitioners, and policy experts, our events attempt to generate lessons that our members can incorporate into their daily professional lives.

More importantly, the conference is a chance for our members, most of whom spend considerable time abroad, to interact with their Canadian colleagues and to foster a robust sense of community. Generating plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking is a focus of each conference.

Of course, as a volunteer-run organization, conference organizers would be unable to this without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. The work of these fantastic men and women contribute enormously to CAIDP’s success.  We try to make a particular point of involving students and young professionals in our conferences as volunteers as a way of helping them make relevant professional contacts and learn some of the business of international development consulting.

We hope you choose to join us at these exciting events!

To learn more about CAIDP’s past conferences, visit the corresponding pages accessible from the left menu.