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Value of CAIDP

For over 25 years, the Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP) has fostered excellence in international development consulting; promoted the collective interests of international development professionals; and provided a forum for members to exchange professional information and engage in professional development. CAIDP gives a voice to the concerns and interests of Canadian international development professionals.

Many CAIDP members have been with CAIDP since the start. Over 30 of Canada’s most important international development organizations are members. Find out why!

Professional Benefits

  • Value & Savings: Many members report they save more on Devex, DevAid, insurance and attending CAIDP and partner events than they spend on membership (see Your Member Savings)
  • Code of Conduct: Clients for international development services place a value on membership in a professional association and adherence to a code of conduct. In some international competitions this in mandatory, in other cases it provides additional points.
  • Stay current: The CAIDP-Hub listserv provides information on a wide range of topics of concern to development professionals, but CAIDP members get premium information from the members’ only listserv, quarterly member bulletins and the tools and resources posted on the members’ area of the website.

Join our Community

  • Grow your professional network: CAIDP members are encouraged to post their profiles on the website. The member profile pages are viewed by over 300 people a month. CAIDP national conferences attract about 80% of members and provide excellent opportunities for networking with the heads of major development firms and NGOs. In addition, CAIDP interacts with other Canada-wide professional associations such as CANADEM, CanWaCHCES, Cooperation Canada and the provincial councils, and more.
  • Access job postings: CAIDP posts on average 18 job opportunities per month to the CAIDP Hub and the JobBank on the website. Postings come from member firms and NGOs, Trade Commissioners, Head Hunting firms and members. In research conducted for Global Affairs Canada over 160 international development professionals rated CAIDP as the first source of information for Canadian international development jobs. In addition, you save on membership in Devex and DevAid which provides access to many more opportunities from the United States and Europe.
  • Get involved: CAIDP is run by and for members and at any time about 30 members are volunteering for the association as board or committee members, in preparing webinars or conferences, writing articles or blogs, representing the community at consultations, or moderating the CAIDP Hub. Volunteering is an excellent way to demonstrate your abilities, build professional contacts and participate in setting the goals and activities of the association


  • CAIDP’s subscription to the OECD iLibrary provides all members with free access to its full range of publications in the OECD’s global knowledge base.
  • Webinars and conferences bring together academics, practitioners, and policy experts from Canada and around the world and provide opportunities to explore ideas and issues of interest to international development professionals. Recordings of many of our events are available to members.
  • CAIDP members and increasingly donors and partners, share information via the CAIDP Hub, Member spaces on the CAIDP website, the CAIDP bulletin.
  • Members are invited to participate in meetings with funding agencies to learn about funding agency approaches and needs.

Awareness / Advocacy

  • CAIDP works hard to represent members’ positions in advocacy. Past work has included bringing members to consultations on FIAP, development effectiveness, and procurement. CAIDP engages its members through consultations and surveys as well as providing opportunities to work with Global Affairs Canada’s Task Force for Improving Effectiveness, the COVID-19 Solutions Team, the CFO Working Group, and more. 
  • Members are frequently asked to participate in consultations with Global Affairs Canada, Canadian Offices of Liaison with the International Finance Institutions, the OECD-DAC and other multi-government and multi-lateral organizations.
  • Members are given opportunities to participate in consultations and events with key donors, and exclusive member briefings on meetings and consultations
  • Members provide input into CAIDP’s strategies, plans, policies and position papers and research topics, and discussions with funding agencies to improve administrative processes.


CAIDP is run by and for international development professionals: it responds to your needs!