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Program and documents

Location–International DevelopmentResearch Centre,Hopper A/B/C, 8thFloor, 150 Kent St., Ottawa

Monday, October 7, 2019

8:00-9:00 Registration and Coffee Mingle

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jean Lowry, CAIDP and Dominique Charron, IDRC


Opening Address: Rohinton Medhora


Keynote Address: Susanna Moorehead


Program Overview, Vote of Thanks and Housekeeping

Evan Due , Elissar Sarrouh and Michelle Hustler

10:15-10:30  Break

Global Development and Disruption:Challenges, Risks, and Innovative Opportunities

Chairperson: Elissar Sarrouh

Panelists: Rohinton Medhora, Henk-Jan Brinkman, Kate Higgins and Scott Vaughan

12:00-13:30 Networking Lunch

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals: Embracing a Paradigm Shift and New Financing Modalities

Chairperson: Christian Novak

Panelists:  Paul Horrocks, Justice Johnston,Stefan Harpe and Abdul Rahman Lediju

First round of question: Paul Horroks, Adbul-Rahman LedijuJustice JohnstonStefan Harpe

Second round of question: Abdul-Rahman Lediju, Justice Johnston, Stefan Harpe

15:00-15:30 Break

Canadian Feminist International Assistance Policy: Global Leadership for International Development in an Age of Disruption

Speaker: Diana Rivington

Chairperson: Kimberly Inksater

Panelist: Nicolas Moyer, Jess Tomlin and Jessie Thomson


Closing Remarks:  Elissar Sarrouh and Evan Due

17:30-19:30 Networking Reception – Mill St. Brew Pub, 555 Wellington St., Ottawa

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Registration and Coffee Mingle


Opening Announcements, Day 1 Recap and Housekeeping


Belt and Road Initiative: China Led Global Partnerships for Infrastructure Investment and Development

Speaker: Jiantuo Yu

Chairperson: Evan Due

Panelist: Melissa Leach and Yves Tiberghien




Measuring and Evaluation for the SDGs: Views from Canadian PractitionersTechnological

Chairperson: Robert Lahey

Panelist: Evan Green, Cara Williams, Ayman Chowdhury, Peter Taylor

Disruption in Development

Chairperson: Laurent Elder

Panelist: Jeremy de Beer, Alison Gildwald

Women's Economic Empowerment

Chairperson: Dr Kate Grantham,

Panelists: Tania Jordan, Jennifer King, Arjan de Haan, Robin D'Arcy


Networking Lunch


Fragility, Displacement and Resilience

Speaker: Colleen Duggan

Chairperson: Julian Murray

Panelist: Mazen Chouaib, Stephen Baranyl, Adrienne Jack

Global Climate Action: Power Dynamics, Global Response and Common Liabilities

Speaker: Cristina Larrea Villancian

Panelist: Simon Dalby, Kerry Max, Christian Ledwell

Global Health in an Age of Disruption: Are we on track towards achieving SDG3 ?

Chairperson: Denise Buchner

Panelist: Dr. Sameera Hussain, Nafissatou Diop, Valerie Percival




Youth Forum

Chairperson: Justin Philippi

Panelist: Ayman Chowdhury, Ambassador Marc-André Blanchard, Katharine Im-Jenkins

Updates on GAC Contracting Policy, Initiatives and Direction

Chairperson: Alan Wilson

Panelist: Michael Brunetti, Michael Collins, Jean-François Grand-Maître

Implementing Codes of Ethics

Chairperson: Rieky Stuart

Panelist: Lawrence Tucker-Gardiner, Martin Aquilina, Charles Duff


Closing Plenary

Speaker: Jean Lowry

17:00 -17:15

Vote of Thanks and Closing

Speakers: Jean Lowry, Elissar Sarrouh, Evan Due






Additional documents shared by presenters and conference participants


CAIDP Corporate Members 
Bow Valley College Strategic Plan
Universalia Management Group Ltd 
A Brief Profile




Blended Finance Evaluation: Governance and Methodological Challenges
OECD Development Co-operation Working Papers No. 51
Ole Winckler Andersen, Irene Basile, Antonie de Kemp, Gunnar Gotz, Erik Lundsgaarde, Magdalena Orth
January 2019


Blended Finance Funds and Facilities | 2018 Survey Results Part I: Investment Strategy 
OECD Development Co-operation Working Paper 59 
Irene Basile and Jarrett Dutra; July 2019
Authorised for publication by Mayumi Endoh, Deputy Director, Development Co-operation Directorate


Blended Finance in the Least Developed Countries 2019


Making Blended Finance Work for the Sustainable Development Goals
OECD 2018
OECD Studies on Water
Making Blended Finance Work for Water and Sanitation
OECD 2019




ALIVE - Adaptation, Livelihoods and Ecosystems Planning Tool: User Manual
Version 1.0 
© 2018 United Nations Environment Programme – International Ecosystem Management Partnership & the International Institute for Sustainable Development Published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development & United Nations Environment Programme – International Ecosystem Management Partnership


Evaluation of the Global Cluster for Early Recovery
Julian Murray (Canada) ; Finn Pedersen (Denmark) ; Soenke Ziesche (Germany)
16 February 2018
Financing the Low-Carbon Future - A Private-Sector View on Moblizing Climate Finance
Climate Finance Leadership Initiative
September 2019


The Global Climate in 2015-2019
© World Meteorological Organization, 2019


The Heat is On - Taking Stock of Global Climate Ambition
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
September 2019


Supporting Global Adaptation Action
NAP Global Network 2017-18 Progress Report
© 2018 The International Institute for Sustainable Development


IASC Inter-agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the Typhoon Haiyan Response
Prepared on behalf of the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation Steering Group
October 2014
By Teresa Hanley, Rusty Binas, Julian Murray and Baltz Tribunalo


Raising Ambition Through Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: 
Greenhouse gas emissions modelling results from 26 countries
The International Institute for Sustainable Development
June 2019




The Duty of Care Owed by International NGOs: Is it Real?
HazloLaw Business Lawyers (Ottawa)




Evaluation of UNHCR’s Ukraine
Country Programme 
September 2017
Commissioned by UNHCR Evaluation Service
Conducted by Universalia
Evaluation of UNHCR’s Emergency Response to the influx of Syrian Refugees into Turkey
January 2014-June 2015
Commissioned by UNHCR Evaluation Service
Conducted by Universalia



Conducting Gender Analysis to Inform National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Processes:
Reflections from six African countries
NAP Global Network
Jule Dekens; Angie Dozé
March 2019


Pathways for Peace
Inclusive Approches to Preventing Violent Conflict
World Bank Group
The WEAMS framework
women’s empowerment and markets systems concepts, practical guidance and tools
BEAM Exchange
Linda Jones
March 2016




Strategic Plan for Management Modernization at the Organization of American States
Washington, D.C. September 2014




Updating the DFIs’ Operating Models and Methods Towards Helping to Achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Institute for the Study of International Development (IISD), McGill Univertisy - Global Governance Lab
By Franque Grimard and Christian Novak
2019 - 04





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