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Measuring sustainable development: New from the OECD/DAC Results Community

Submitted by nicko2 on 02 March 2022

Recent Research:

From research to action. The 7 country case studies we conducted on how to strengthen results approaches at country level and how to best use the SDG framework generated a wealth of practical lessons (read the summary here). We are now moving to hands-on support to share these findings and advise missions and partner country governments in Malawi, Rwanda and Sierra Leone between March and June.

Fundamentals. This slide deck in our Development Co-operation TIPs platform summarises key elements to introduce and strengthen managerial practices that lead to sustainable development results – useful for basic guidance to colleagues and implementing partners.

Good practice. If you missed it, check out these 12 good practices on results based management, from setting up systems and internal processes, to selecting indicators or going digital.

Interesting Reads

Check out the new Development Co-operation Report. Shaping a Just Digital Transformation explores how development co-operation can best support digitalisation efforts. Results teams may find interesting the principles to guide digital transformation in organisations, the discussions on what makes digital interventions effective, and issues of data confidentiality and reuse. Click here for highlighted practices. You can also find development co-operation profiles (per provider) in the annex.

Lessons in adopting the SDG framework. The evaluation “Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals“ offers a fascinating deep dive into the Asian Development Bank’s strategy and approaches to place the SDGs at the core of its development work. Check out their equally interesting corporate report on their contributions to the SDGs, which offers a good example of a theory of change to guide their SDG alignment.

Post-pandemic systems. How do we rethink results-based management to better support countries achieve their development outcomes after the pandemic? The World Bank reflects about it in this recent podcast (and previous evaluation).

AOB. § A three-way discussion on linking more types of development finance and results. § Development data is essential at country level, but international support for data and statistical systems tends to face these common issues. § Mobilising sufficient resources is essential for sustainable development: Norad spotted a few lessons on its tax mobilisation work and some thinking on how to fund global public goods.