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A Compendium of Updates on Contracting, GAC Policies and Programming

Gender Equality, Inclusive Governance and the Law: Aligned for a Better World

2018 Annual Conference, January 22-23, 2018 

125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON

Tuesday January 23, 2017 - 1:30pm - Session 2b


Session: A Compendium of Updates on Contracting, GAC Policies and Programming


Chair: Alan Wilson, Cowater-Sogema International 


Mark Lusignan, Director General, Grants and Contributions Management Bureau

Sarah Latour, Deputy Director, Development Complex Procurement Services

Karine Bélanger, Deputy Director, Development Contracting Policy and Oversight

Vaughn Lantz, Director, Operational Direction and Coherence  

Whether you are an individual or a firm doing business with Global Affairs Canada, join this session to get up to speed on the latest updates on policy, processes and operations. Familiarize yourself with programs funding selection mechanisms and their uses within the department. Hear about the latest updates in policy areas where changes are being considered: overhead, cost-sharing, in-kind contributions, holdbacks, and performance guarantees. Tune in on Global Affairs Canada’s response regarding recent changes to the National Joint Council Travel Directive. This session also includes Qs & As. Additionally, if you have specific topics you’d like to raise, consider meeting our Global Affairs Canada resource people during the One on One sessions on the Monday (January 22nd).


Alan Wilson is an experienced business development specialist with over 14 years of experience leading and guiding international business development and consulting on behalf of private sector, government, and non-profit organizations.  He specializes in market research and development, partnership building, contracting, and tender preparation for donor-funded procurement including the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, the U.K.'s Department for International Development, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Australian Agency for International Development.  His business development and project experience includes work globally and includes experience in such countries as  Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and the Philippines.  Prior to joining Cowater, he provided expertise to several organizations in a variety of sectors successfully contributing to international market development and expansion.

Mark Lusignan has been active internationally over the past 36 years in the design, implementation and management of international development programs as well as offshore commercial projects in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The diverse experience and perspective he has acquired as a trusted private-sector advisor, a Canadian manufacturing exporter, and as a public servant, provides a solid foundation for his current role as Director General of the Grants and Contributions Management Bureau.

Mark began his career with Interimco Inc., an international trading company. In 1984 he co-founded Monitec International Inc. and successfully completed over 110 assignments in more than 30 countries on behalf of clients including the former Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), United Nations Development Programme, USAID and most multilateral development banks. In 1993 Mark joined SR Telecom Inc., a rural telecommunications equipment manufacturer, as Director of Government Liaison, with responsibility for securing all export credit, insurance and commercial finance in support of global sales in over 120 countries.

Mark joined the international services directorate of Consulting and Audit Canada in 2003. He led a multidisciplinary team which provided consulting services and public sector modernization and reform solutions to foreign governments. He transferred to former CIDA in 2006, and previously held the positions of acting Director General and Director of Contracting Policy.

Karine Bélanger, Deputy Director, Development Contracting Policy and Oversight. Cumulating 17 years of experience in the federal public service, Karine has a wide expertise in the field of procurement. She started her career at the Dairy Farmers of Canada as a Market Analyst Assistant, where she produced and analyzed statistical reports on dairy product consumption. After a journey of 4 years in this non-for-profit organization, she made the jump into the federal apparel.

In 2001, she joined the Canadian Commercial Corporation as a Project Officer. She Progressed and became Project Manager; namely responsible for an impressive portfolio exceeding $100M constituted of Canadian suppliers specialized in military goods and services for the U.S. Department of Defense. Motivated by an interest to deepen her expertise in the policies related to contracting, she joined Global Affairs Canada in 2005 (at such time the Canadian International Development Agency) where she has worked both at the corporate level as well as in the geographic programs (Africa primarily).

Recognized for her teamwork, professionalism and leadership. Karine is currently leading a team of professionals responsible for contracting policies, including the development and maintenance of templates for requests for proposals and contracts in support of the International Development Assistance Program.

Vaughn Lantz is responsible for planning, systems, and coordination related to the implementation of Canada`s Feminist International Assistance Policy.  His Division also leads the development and implementation of results based management tools for the Department. In previous positions, he has managed both multilateral and bilateral programming for the Department. As the Director of Economic Development and International Financial Institutions, he was responsible for economic policy as well as development programming with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and regional development banks.

As Country Program Director, he managed development programming and development relations with China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, India, Thailand, Bhutan, and the Maldives.  He has also managed regional programming with ASEAN and bilateral programming with Russia.

Earlier in his career, Vaughn served as a policy advisor to the Minister of National Defence, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Communications, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.