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Climate Change


A forum on climate change to access resources, training, upcoming events, directory, etc.

READ FIRST - Aim of this Forum

Submitted by Jean-Jo on 16 June 2021

This Forum is created for CAIDP Members and Listserv subscribers interested in general topics related to Climate Change to share resources (e.g. articles, documents, research, links to organizations, links to planned action, training). It is hoped that this will lead to further discussion; increased awareness; knowledge of and understanding of the key issues; linkage to international development and the SDGs; and action at an individual and organizational level.

Adapting to climate change from the ground up

Submitted by Jean-Jo on 16 June 2021

Interesting article on a Civil Society Consultation convened by the GEF ahead of its 60th Council meeting (June 14-18, 2021) and focusing on shared lessons from efforts to safeguard water, food, land, forest, and coastal resources in developing countries and small island states that are under increasing strain from climate change and extreme weather.

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Public Funding for Fossil Fuels: From Part of the Problem to Part of the Solution

Submitted by Jean-Jo on 02 June 2021

On June 8th the Group of 78 will discuss the nature and extent of funding from governments in Canada (federal and provincial) for fossil fuel production. Funding comes in different guises—including direct financing, loan insurance, subsidies and tax breaks. The group's contention is that these various sources of financing should be identified and phased out as quickly as possible and reallocated to green technology and renewable energy.