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2011 Conference


Dear CAIDC Members;

A dedicated group of volunteers worked hard on the 2011 CAIDC Conference, including Sarah Atchison who designed the catchy graphic on this page (thanks Sarah).

The last years have been challenging for many members as a much different world emerges after the financial crisis. Developed countries are experiencing slow growth, high deficits, and are implementing austerity budgets. Many developing countries are booming and have strong finances: Ghana is expected to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world this year.

Canada has been luckier than many countries but our international priorities including development have changed: many development organizations have lost much of their traditional funding; Africa is out, and the Americas are in; and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is shifting to more directive programming. With both for-profit and non-profit organizations experiencing difficulties finding funds, and Canada’s decision to suspend funding for the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) program opportunities in international development have dried up for young Canadians, just when developing countries are becoming the engines of global growth and experience in them would be a career asset. What does this mean for international development professionals?

The CAIDC conference tried to provide the answers, with international guests and Canadian specialists and multiple sessions over two days, including panels on opportunities for youth, CIDA’s directive programming process, contracts with non-Canadian development organizations and how to access them, effective Canadian development, development priorities, and more. In addition, there were plenty of opportunities for networking, including a reception hosted by DEVEX.