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Session 3a: New markets for Canadian Consultants

Session 3a: New markets for Canadian Consultants

What are the new markets in which we should be competing? How can we compete? What strategies can we use to better elicit success? Join David Baron, Lucien Bradet, and Ram Sahi for a rousing session on Canadian competitiveness, new arenas for Canadians, and a discussion of what are the key issues/ traits driving demand in the field of international development consultancies.

Chair: Virginia Taylor - Accreditation Officer, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

Virginia works as the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Officer at the Sprott School of Business. For the past 10 years, she has taught Cross-cultural Communication in an online environment for the Bachelor of International Business program. In addition, Virginia serves on the Board of Project TEMBO, a small grassroots Canadian charitable organization supporting women and girls in Northern Tanzania. Her field experience includes the development of informal educational initiatives to support girl education, adult literacy and community libraries.

David Baron - CEO Cowater 

David is President and CEO of Cowater International Inc., President of Cowater Alaska Inc., Board Member for CRC Sogema, Board Member for CRC Sogema Technologies Inc., and Board Member for Canadian Council on Africa.  With Cowater, Mr. Baron is the leader of the senior management team and has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the company and its operating groups, as well as leading strategic alliance and partnership opportunities globally. He provides oversight to business development with particular attention to emerging business and areas of growth. Prior to joining Cowater Mr. Baron was with Export Development Canada where he gained experience in project management and leadership. 

PresentationThe Experience of COWATER

Lucien Bradet - CEO Canadian Council on Africa

Lucien Bradet is President and CEO of the Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica). The primary mission of CCAfrica, is to promote institutional relations between Canada and Africa to further Africa’s economic development. Appointed to CCAfrica in early 2004, Lucien Bradet joined this association with an  extensive experience in Africa. As an undergraduate, he attended the Université nationale du Rwanda. After graduating from the University of Ottawa, he joined the Department of Foreign Affairs, and subsequently held management positions at Information Canada, the Department of Regional Economic Expansion, and Industry Canada. In the last 9 years, he has led more than 20  missions to more than 20 African countries, helped organize a number of major conferences in Canada on the economic development and assisted many countries in dialoguing with Canadians.

Dr. Ram Sahi - Adjunct Research Professor, Economics, Vice-President, SESCI

Dr. Sahi is Adjunct Professor of Economics at Carleton University, with research interests in economic development, energy, climate regulations and environmental sustainability in developing countries.  He is a key member of the Canada-India Centre of Educational Excellence in Science, Technology, Policy and Trade of the University.  He teaches graduate courses in sustainable energy and environmental economics.