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Session 2b: Working with CIDA

Session 2b: Working with CIDA – an interactive session

Looking for information to help your firm navigate the complex waters of working with CIDA? Are you interested in the status of CIDA’s consultant database? Are you looking for clarification on the conflict of Interest/competitive advantage provisions? These and many more subjects will be discussed in this informal session headed by Mark Lusignan and his team of CIDA staff.  In the past, our members have found this session a great opportunity to have light shed on some thorny issues related to working with CIDA.

Chair: Mark Lusignan - DG Grants, Contributions and Contracting Management, CIDA

Active internationally for more than 29 years, Mr. Lusignan has considerable experience in the design, implementation and management of development assistance adn commercial projects abroad. As Director, Grants Contributions and Contracting Management, Mark brings significant first had knowledge of CIDA operations and programs at the executive, operational and field levels. He previously held the positions of Director, Business Operations and Director, Contacting Policy within the Agency.

Janice MacDonald - Director, Contracting Services, CIDA

Janice is currently the Director of Field Contracting Management within Chief Financial Office Branch of CIDA (since Dec 2010). Previously, she was working in the Geographic Programs Branch, for the Ghana program, where she worked in the field for 3 years as the Deputy Director of Field Operations, along with the role as the sector team lead for the Food Security team (2006-09). Upon joining CIDA in 2003 and up to departing to work in the field, she worked as a member of the Africa Sector Wide Approach Team, within a multi-disciplinary team comprising, financial, strategic programming and contract expertise to support programming with public procurement analysis and contributing to developing the risk framework for the new program based approaches within the Geographic Program Branch.

Guylaine Carrière - Director, Contracting Services, CIDA

Ms. Carrière joined the public service in 2000. She was employed by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada where she held various procurement related positions. Guylaine moved to CIDA in 2003. She was responsible for all contracting activities within Asia Branch for less than one year and then held a senior policy advisor position as well as a manager position in the Contracting Policy Unit. In the spring of 2012, Guylaine became the Director of Policy and Planning Division / Contracting Management Policy.