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Volunteer Credit Union Professionals

Brief Description


CCA is recruiting credit union professionals to volunteer for our 
Credit Union Management Coaching Program. 


WHERE: AFRICA (Ghana, Uganda) 

WHEN: Two years,(approx) 3 weeks each year, end of January early February 2014 & 2015  

CONTRIBUTION: $2,000 each year, to the Co-operative Development Foundation (CDF), raised or donated before departure 

APPLICATION PROCESS:  Visit our website for an application.   Deadline: June 15 2013


*This is a voluntary assignment. Domestic and international airfare, ground transport, visa, travel insurance, out of country accommodation, and a meal/incidental allowance will be covered by CCA.  For more information contact Volunteer Co-ordinator,  


Sixteen Canadian coaches will work in teams of two, sharing knowledge and expertise with credit unions in Uganda or Ghana.  Topics may include the loans cycle, safety and security of deposits,board/management relations, technology, or human resource development.  Coaches will be immersed in the credit unions' local community, enabling a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities found within the African credit union system.    


In year one, volunteers will be paired with a returning coach who will help them navigate the program.  In year two they will act as a mentor for their partner.  The group will fly in to Ottawa for three days of training, then fly to their posting for approx two weeks.  Before flying home, the group will meet again in London, UK for a debrief of the program.  After each trip, volunteers will be asked to tell their story in their credit union and their community.  



The members of the team will be well rounded and experienced credit union generalists, able to offer advice and assistance on all aspects of primary credit union management.  Candidates should be flexible, able to think on their feet, and have a broad range of experience to draw on.  Previous international experience is not necessary, but candidates should be in good health and able to travel under conditions that may be difficult. 


To be considered for this program you must be:

·         A Canadian citizen or permanent resident eligible to work in Canada

·         In good health

·         Willing to travel to remote areas and be open to rudimentary living standards

·         Willing to share your experience upon return to Canada

·         In possession of a valid passport


Canadian Co-operative Association
The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is a national association for co-operatives in Canada, representing more than nine million co-operative and credit union members from over 2,000 organizations.  Individual co-op members are represented by CCA either directly through their co-operative, through their provincial co-op associations or credit union central, or through sectoral organizations. CCA provides leadership to promote, develop, and unite co-operatives and credit unions for the benefit of people in Canada and around the world.   


Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association (CUA) Ltd.   

As the name implies, the Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association (CUA) Ltd. is the national association of credit unions in that West African country. Its membership includes approximately 400 credit unions throughout the country, from small rural credit unions to larger urban ones.  The Canadian Co-operative Association has worked with CUA since 1988, both to strengthen its primary members and to strengthen CUA itself.


Uganda Co-operative Alliance (UCA)

Co-operative unions formed UCA in 1961 as the apex body of the Ugandan co-operative movement. As the apex it had three main mandates: to carry out advocacy and representation of the Uganda co-operatives, to provide education and training and, to mobilize resources for the development of the co-operative movement. UCA's membership consists of Primary Societies, Area Co-operative Enterprises as well as district and national and district unions.  Primary societies and district unions are spread throughout the country. By 2003 over 7,000 primary societies were registered. Nine district unions and two national unions are active. All these have direct access to the UCA. Area Co-operatives Enterprises are relatively new and a product of restructuring carried out by the UCA within the last five years.