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TVET Specialists, TVET, Iraq

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Cowater International
Brief Description
The European Union is invested in supporting sustainable job creation and the promotion of knowledge-based and inclusive economic growth in Iraq. The agriculture and agri-value chain sector remains key to unlocking Iraq’s economic growth and human capital potential. Within this framework, the purpose of this contract is to seek high-level expertise to develop a demand-driven and market-oriented education system for the agriculture and agri-value chain sector of Iraq. Experts should be able to develop new modernized curricula and to build the capacity of the trainers. New teaching methodologies and internship schemes are also part of this contract. The selection of the occupations will be determined during an inception phase in which a labor market survey specific for agriculture will be performed in addition to an assessment of the status of the current agriculture schools and institutions.
Short term experts experts could be requested to deliver some assignments during the implementation of the three year project, expected to start in January 2022
We are currently looking for junior and senior short term experts with relevant experience in the  various areas of expertise listed below; this exact assignments will be defined during the project implementation.
      1.TVET and employability  

           1.1. Competency Based Training (CBT)
           1.2.Training of Trainers (ToT)
           1.3. National Qualification Frameworks (NQF)
           1.4. Sector qualification frameworks
           1.5. Occupational standards
           1.6. Agriculture curricula development
           1.7. Apprenticeship schemes in agriculture
           1.8. TVET governance
           1.9. Sector councils
           1.10. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and TVET
           1.11. Agriculture private sector development

       2. Agriculture and climate
            2.1.Green climate smart practices
            2.2. Climate change adaptation
            2.3. Crop production
            2.4. Livestock and dairy production
            2.5. Forestry
            2.6. Fishery and aquaculture
            2.7. Agriculture machinery
            2.8. Irrigation
            2.9. Agriculture extension

        3. Agri-value-chain
            3.1. Supplies
            3.2. Production
            3.3. Processing
            3.4. Distribution
            3.5. Storage
            3.6. Marketing and sales

        4. Communication
            4.1. Communication and awareness raising in Agriculture
            4.2. Communication and design

         5. Monitoring and Evaluation
             5.1. Results Monitoring
             5.2. Evaluation

Candidates are encouraged to apply by 15/10/21 as soon as possible on our Careers Page.

When applying, please indicate in your CV or in your email which of the above area(s) (categories & subcategories) of expertise you cover best.

For your application to be considered, please upload your documents as followed: Candidate Last Name, First Name, date, Title of the Position.
We thank all applicants, however only those shortlisted will be contacted.

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