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Specialists in pedagogy and educational management

CRC Sogema
Brief Description

While preparing a service proposal for a project aiming to strengthen the management of basic education and youth in Honduras, we seek the following two specialists to complete the Canadian team project which is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Specialists in pedagogy and educational management

Short-term missions to accomplish during the six years of the project

While reporting to the Canadian Field Project Manager, these specialists will be located at our head office in Longueuil and stay available for approximately sixty (60) days per year, to be worked mostly in Honduras. They will be given mandates to improve the quality, relevance and efficiency of the management of education and educational services provided by certain districts’ administrations. Their work and recommendations will be to the benefit of senior management, administrative and technical personnel, teachers as well as children and young people. More information on their specific responsibilities can be provided on request.

Sought professional profiles:

• Master's degree or doctorate in education.

• At least five (5) years experience in education project management or educational services, ideally in the primary or secondary sector, acquired in developing countries. From this experience, at least one significant involment must be within a project budget of $ 5 million CDN minimum. Having previously worked in Honduras would be an asset.

 • Experience in participatory approach in multidisciplinary teams and multi-stakeholder context.

 • Fluency in Spanish, both oral and written, as well as French or English.

• Availability to stay for periods of two (2) to six (6) weeks at a time during the six (6) years of the project.

These mandates can be accomplished either as independent professionals or as salaried employees, depending on candidates’ preferences, our administrative and financial rules and the ones of CIDA.

Submission of your application (deadline 30 October)

Locate the electronic format of your resume and cover letter (if you think this letter would support your application). Ten minutes should then be sufficient to complete an online form. Sylvie Vernier, Senior Adviser – Human Resources ( or 450-651-2800, extension 2248#) can answer your questions about these positions or automated mechanism for application.