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Senior Project Monitor

Date of Publication
Application Deadline
Alinea International
Brief Description

Application Deadline: August 9, 2022

Job Title: Senior Project Monitor

Job type: Consultant

Location of Position: Remote, with travel to Myanmar

Remuneration: Fees are subject to negotiation and shall not exceed established market rates.

Indicative LOE/Time Frame: Up to 220 days over 24 months


Application Instructions:

  1. We welcome applications from individuals and from governmental, non-governmental and private organizations.
  2. A cover letter is mandatory to be considered. Cover letters should detail how you fit the opportunity, your daily fee and current availability.
  3. Place Senior Project Manager in the subject line of your email
  4. To submit your cover letter and CV, email it to
  5. Only successful candidates will be contacted. No phone calls please.


At Alinea International we value equity, diversity, and inclusivity in everything we do. We are an equal opportunity employer opposed to all forms of discrimination. We actively seek and encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds recognizing that an inclusive workforce enriches our organization and achieves smarter, more innovative results.

Alinea is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Due to the nature of our work, all candidates will be subject to due diligence checks and extensive background checks where appropriate.


About the work

Alinea International requires the services of a Monitor to assess the performance of the “Strengthening Civil Society in Myanmar” international development assistance project implemented by Inter Pares. The GAC approved project started in July 2021, is a 6 year-long project valued at 24M. It builds on the results achieved in the previous GAC-funded Inter Pares project: “Inclusive Democratic Development in Burma/Myanmar”, by continuing to build the capacity of over 40 civil society partners. This project also contributes to the delivery of the second phase of the Strategy to Respond to the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh. In general, the Monitor will support GAC and Inter Pares in ensuring effective and efficient implementation and management of the project, with the ultimate goal of contributing to better development results. Specifically, the Monitor will:

  • assess the progress in planning and achieving results including gender equality integration and relevance of the existing logic model and performance measurement framework of the project;
  • provide feedback on project plans, strategies and reports;
  • analyze and facilitate coordination between this project and other GAC-funded health projects in Myanmar; ensuring coherence and complementarity of GAC’s health-sector portfolio in Myanmar;
  • report all observations and findings to GAC.


Scope of Services:

The Monitor will be monitoring the Inter Pares project from contract effective date for an initial period of 24 months. The monitoring services may be required for up to 220 days. The Contractor grants to Canada the irrevocable option to extend the term of the Contract by up to 1 additional 1-year period under the same conditions.

The Monitor is expected to coordinate and collaborate with other GAC-contracted project monitors and specialists when it is relevant to do so.


Required Qualifications:


  • Degree in Education or Health/Health Education
  • Minimum 10 years Project Monitoring experience including postings as a Team Lead or Senior role, supervising at least 1 person
  • Min. 3 projects focused on Health with a term of 50+ days
  • Min. 3 projects, in crisis or conflict situations with a term of 50+ days
  • Min. 3 projects completed and of similar scope and nature to this one ( health, governance, conflict-affected context) with a term of 50+ days
  • Work experience in projects valued over 10M CAD
  • Planning or design of projects, programs, strategies or policies related to education
  • Data collection and analysis related to health, including literature review of existing reports and documents, and interviews with project participants, that ensured that ethical and safety protocols were followed
  • Using participatory methods with women and girls or other under-represented groups
  • Developing evaluation criteria, evaluation questions, evaluation methods and in reporting related to education
  • Designing and assessing monitoring tools and strategies for data collection, analysis and production of reports
  • Project Monitoring and/or implementation experience in fragile and conflict affected situations, working experience in a developing country, South East Asia, particularly in Myanmar
  • Human rights, civil society strengthening and governance
  • Policy or programming on health in developing countries
  • Monitoring and/or evaluating the integration of gender equality in health and/or civil society strengthening
  • Risk management of an international development project
  • Engaging and working with multiple stakeholders (NGO, donors, foundations, academia, private sector, public sector, etc.) on health and/or civil society strengthening projects
  • Knowledge in the FIAP action areas
  • Results-Based Management or integration of Gender Equality in policy/programs/projects


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