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Senior Consultant – Quality Assurance

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Universalia Management Group
Brief Description

The main responsibilities and duties of the position are as follows:
▪ Ensure effective management of various projects in Universalia’s quality assurance (QA) portfolio, including coordinating and liaising with international clients and with both internal colleagues and independent consultants collaborating on QA projects;
▪ Conduct quality assessments of evaluation and research products;
▪ Conduct quality assurance and control of quality assessments conducted by internal and external QA reviewers;
▪ Conduct quality assurance of evaluation reports produced by other Universalia teams;
▪ Prepare and write annual QA meta-analysis reports summarizing trends in quality of evaluation products reviewed;
▪ Contribute to the development of technical and financial proposals related to Universalia’s QA mandate;
▪ Collaborate with PQS Practice Leader and CEO in establishing and achieving internal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for annual revenue generation.

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