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Organizational Development Consultant

Canadian Hunger Foundation (CHF)
Brief Description

ACDEP Institutional Assessment

Terms of Reference for an Organizational Development Consultant

CHF and the Association of Church-Based Development NGOs (ACDEP) are currently implementing the Resilient and Sustainable Livelihoods Transformation (RESULT) Project in northern Ghana. Under the Project, CHF and ACDEP want to determine what capacity development support and mentoring are required to transfer increased management responsibilities to ACDEP, particularly in terms of key functional areas such as finance, project management, human resource management, administration, and procurement. The institutional assessment should lead to a transition strategy and action plan that will be implemented while ensuring continued delivery of project results and accountability and transparency.

Proposals are therefore requested from interested organizational development consultants by Monday, January 20, 2014. Further details are available on CHF’s website at