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Nutrition and Medical Programs Coordinator

Action Against Hunger (ACF)
Brief Description

Action Against Hunger (ACF) was founded by a group of prominent French figures in response to the emergency caused by Afghan refugees fleeing to Pakistan to escape fighting in 1979, with the aim of eradicating hunger in a more global, lasting and effective way worldwide. ACF’s mission consists of saving lives via the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition, in particular during and following disasters and conflicts.  The organisation focuses its activities on an integrated approach, taking various aspects into account: “Nutrition, health and healthcare practices”, “Food security and livelihoods”, “Water, sanitation and hygiene” and “Advocacy and awareness-raising”: In 2009, ACF-International was active in over 40 countries, coming to the aid of around 5 million individuals.  By integrating our programmes with regional and national systems, ACF is ensuring that short-term actions are becoming long-term solutions.


Country: Afghanistan - Kabul

Length of Contract: 12 months, from April 2012

General objective: To establish and develop nutrition strategies and coordinate the activities of Action Contre la Faim:


  1. Design, develop and evaluate actions in the field of nutrition and Mental Health Care Practices
  • collection and quality control of monitoring, follow up and evaluation data
  • production’s quality for the nutritional situation analysis
  • the standard of nutritional and medical proposals submitted by his/her teams
  • encouraging his/her teams to identify new programmes
  1. Monitor and coordinate programmes in the fields of nutrition and Mental Health Care Practices
  • deciding to launch nutritional surveys in liaison with the head of Mission
  • development of integrated approach programmes
  • collection and analysis of data, including the decisions making on this basis
  • providing activity report of quality In the given timeline
  1. Supervise and support nutritional and Mental Health Care Practices teams
  • Evaluation of the performance and skill level of programme managers
  • Developing the skills of colleagues in nutrition and MHCP
  1. Develop and launch programmes in collaboration with governmental and local agencies
  1. Represent Action Contre la Faim and its positioning in the field of nutrition and Mental Health Care Practices

Qualification and previous experience:

Nutritionist, medical doctor or nurse with nutrition specialisation and experience. Minimum five years field experience in nutrition programmes. Experience in working in mid-term/development oriented type of programmes. Experience in technical advocacy with governmental departments. Ability to have a broad vision integrating different aspects (logistics, context, culture and traditions, etc.). Computer proficiency in word processing, database, spread sheet and graphics presentations. Fully fluent in English. Ability to work in a highly sensitive environment. Diplomacy and negotiation skills. Excellent proposal writing experience.

Status: Employee

  • Fixed-term contract, provided by ACF according to the French labour law.
  • Total average yearly gross income: from 41160 € to 47160 €
  • Food and housing: 1000 € / month average
    • Per Diem : 210 € / month average
    • Support to the R & R costs : 110 € / month average
    • Transportation costs to and from the mission : 460 € / month average
    • Monthly gross salary ranging from 1650 € to 2150 € (Net: from 1518 € to 1978 €) depending on relevant experience (possibility to increase up to 2750 € gross (2530 € net) according to seniority and performances)
  • 25 days of annual paid leaves
  • 20 days of R & R per year (taken as recovery time breaks of one week every 2 or 4 months depending on the mission)
  • Social benefits: Medical, life and accident insurance provided by the institution
  • Accompanied position (partner, children) according to the place of assignment
  • Training before departure and all along the career with Action Contre la Faim.

Motivating Job Prospects in the medium and long term

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