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Local Environment & Climate Change (E&CC) Expert

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TFO Canada
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TFO Canada is currently implementing the Women in Trade for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth (WIT)  Project (2019-2024) in 24 countries.

As part of WIT implementation strategy, TFO Canada aims to create or increase awareness among TSIs/TPOs/BSOs and SMEs regarding environmental impacts and opportunities in the specific sectors targeted by the project, to provide tools to assess the impact of SMEs on the environment and develop mitigation plans as key components of SME Export Strategies. Using a “do no harm” approach, the project aims to ensure that the SMEs involved in the project have taken into consideration possible impacts on the environment, their contribution to climate change and have mitigation strategies in place. The awareness-raising will also highlight new opportunities such as green-tech to contribute positively to reducing climate change impacts. The project will work with TSIs to increase their capacity to support SMEs in these areas.


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