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Consultant, Labour and Environment Provisions of Trade Agreements, Vietnam

Date of Publication
Application Deadline
Cowater International
Brief Description

The deadline for submissions is January 3rd (5 pm EST), 2022. 

Funded by Global Affairs Canada, the Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade and Development (EDM provides technical assistance to Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible countries to maximize the development impacts of trade and investment. Over seven years (2018-2025), EDM will invest CAD 16.5 million to support Canada’s developing country trading partners to negotiate, implement and benefit from and adapt to trade and investment agreements with Canada.
EDM is a demand-driven project that will benefit potential partners – including governments, local private sector groups and local civil society organizations – through capacity building and technical advisory support on policy reform issues that have a high potential to reduce poverty and gender inequalities and support progress in trade and investment agreement negotiations.
Vietnam’s development over the past three decades has been remarkable. Through sustained economic reform efforts, Vietnam has increased per capita GDP tenfold; risen from one of the poorest nations in the world to Lower Middle-Income Country status; lifted tens of millions out of poverty; cut infant mortality in half; and increased life expectancy by almost 7 years. 
An important part of its development strategy has been to integrate the regional and global economies, including through membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the Russian-leg Customs Union Block, bilateral trade agreements with the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom and joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).
Global Affairs Canada has identified Vietnam as a priority beneficiary of EDM technical assistance in the context of the implementation of the CPTPP.  Since its launch in 2019, EDM has provided support for multiple activities designed to: introduce new legislation, regulations, policies and procedures to conform to the obligations of the CPTPP; to raise public awareness of the obligations and opportunities created by the Agreement to strengthen trade policy capacity. 
The Multilateral Trade Policy Department (MTPD) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has requested EDM assistance to raise awareness and understanding of the labour and environment provisions of the CPTPP.  Articles 19.8:1 and 20.7:1 of the Agreement provide that the Parties “…shall promote public awareness of its labour / environmental laws …”, while Articles 19.10:1 and 20.12 recognize the importance of cooperation to meet the objectives of the Agreement.  
In their Request, MTPD seeks expert assistance to develop a simple, online public publication to explain the nature and purpose of CPTPP labour and environment provisions, how these provisions affect Vietnamese businesses, and what measures governments must take to comply with the obligations and avoid disputes with CPTPP members.
This assistance is aligned with Canada’s efforts to promote a progressive and inclusive approach to trade.

Linkage to EDM Performance Measurement Framework
This assistance is consistent with the EDM Performance Management Framework, Immediate Outcome 1210: Enhanced ability of partner country ministries, departments and agencies to strengthen, develop, and execute legislation, regulations and policies supporting the implementation of sustainable and inclusive trade and investment agreements with Canada.

Description of Technical Assistance Request
The technical expert(s) will draft an online guide (English and Vietnamese) for a general business audience, describing:

  • the nature and purpose of the labour and environment provisions of the CPTPP;
  • the domestic laws and international treaties to which Vietnam must conform to meet its obligations under the Agreement;
  • how these obligations impact Vietnamese businesses;
  • the differentiated impact of labour and environment obligations in the CPTPP, domestic laws and international treaties on women, Indigenous Peoples, minorities and other underrepresented groups and measures that can be taken to promote greater inclusiveness in trade.

The final Vietnamese version will be adapted for online publication and use, ensuring visual interest and ease of use to sustain reader interest and conform to the format requirements of the MTPD/MOIT/Government of Vietnam.
The immediate beneficiaries of the guide will be Vietnamese businesses and trade, labour and environment officials through increased knowledge and understanding of the provisions of the CPTPP.  In the longer term, this assistance will support Vietnamese integration into the regional and global economies, expanding trade and investment opportunities, reducing poverty and raising standards of living. 

Technical Expert Profile/Expertise Required
Bidders for this technical assistance activity must demonstrate expert knowledge and extensive experience in:

  • the labour and environment provisions of modern trade agreements, including the CPTPP;
  • international labour and environment treaties;
  • national labour and environmental laws, regulations, policies and procedures;
  • trade-related technical assistance;
  • the design of adult education materials
  • the design of online publications.

The EDM includes a core focus on gender and social inclusion as well as on environmental issues associated with trade activities. Applicants must research and integrate specific good and emerging practices in these areas and partner with other expert consultants if necessary. Any prior experience in the provision of TA on gender equality and social inclusion and the environment will be viewed as a strong asset.

Starting date: January 2022
Proposed duration: 6 months

The main deliverables for this technical assistance activity include:

  • A detailed work plan, work schedule and budget for the delivery of activities, taking into account COVID-19-related travel restrictions;
  • Completed EDM Performance Measurement Framework template for the TA, including baseline data and targets against EDM indicators.
  • A draft outline, draft text, final text and a final formatted guide in electronic format, for approval by EDM and the beneficiary;
  • Final Narrative Report: Due within 30 calendar days of completion of all TA activities. The report shall describe activities delivered; results achieved (versus initial expected results and baseline); lessons learned of relevance to future EDM activities; expenses incurred by the Consultant in carrying out the TAA; gender equality and social inclusion outcomes, environmental outcomes, document officials trained/participating in activities (name, gender, job title, institutional affiliation). This report will be reviewed and approved by EDM prior to being shared with Global Affairs Canada.
  • Contribute as necessary to the development of EDM communication materials and participate in an EDM roundtable highlighting key results achieved.

Proposal Submission Process
For your proposal to be considered, please name your document in the following format:
1.13 Vietnam - Consultants Last Name, First Name
Your proposal should contain the following sections:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Proposal that includes the following:
  3. Your approach to implementing this TA, taking into account COVID-related travel restrictions. Provide as much detail as possible. (10 pages maximum)
  4. Describe your approach to ensuring that gender equality and social inclusion are considered in all aspects of the TA, including approach, content, and delivery. (2 pages maximum)
  5. Describe your approach to ensuring that environmental impacts are considered in all aspects of the TA, including approach, content, and delivery. (1-page maximum)
  6. Outline your project management and monitoring strategy for the implementation of the activities. (2 pages maximum)
  7. Indicate all personnel who are being proposed to implement this project, their roles and responsibilities. Include all CVs of proposed personnel/experts. (20 pages maximum). Provide an estimated level of effort (in days) and consulting rates (in CAD$) for each proposed personnel and/or expert implementing the project.
  8. Submit your proposal as one document through the Cowater Career Page. Emailed proposals will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please email