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Canadian Mining Governance Expert

Date of Publication
Application Deadline
Alinea International Ltd.
Brief Description

Job Title: Canadian Mining Governance Expert
Initiative Name: “Mining sector technical expert for Kosovo National Government” under the Technical Assistance Partnership - Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM)
Job type: Flexible Part time/Full time
Location of Position: Canada (remote) with up to four month stay in Kosovo
Reporting to: Project Manager, TAP-EDM
Remuneration: Fees are subject to negotiation and shall not exceed established market rates.
Indicative LOE/Time Frame: 75 days over a 4-month period
NOTE: In addition to having the right credentials, the ideal candidate should be willing to travel to Kosovo for a continuous period 3-4 months. This is flexible.
Citizenship: Applicants must be Canadian citizens or have permanent resident status in Canada.
Language Requirements: English
Application Deadline: February 8, 2023

Application Instructions:

1. We welcome applications from individuals and from governmental, non-governmental and private organizations.
2. A cover letter is mandatory to be considered. Cover letters should detail how you fit the opportunity, your daily fee and current availability.
3. Click the “Apply now” link to upload your cover letter and CV (Curriculum Vitae).
4. Only successful candidates will be contacted. No phone calls please.

At Alinea International we value equity, diversity, and inclusivity in everything we do. We are an equal opportunity employer opposed to all forms of discrimination. We actively seek and encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds recognizing that an inclusive workforce enriches our organization and achieves smarter, more innovative results. Alinea is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Due to the nature of our work, all candidates will be subject to due diligence checks and extensive background checks where appropriate.


The Technical Assistance Partnership - Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM) Project provides targeted, short-term (up to 12 months) technical assistance to National Government Entities (NGE) from eligible OECD-DAC countries. The Mechanism is expected to deploy over 250 Canadian experts via 80-100 technical assistance initiatives designed to resolve capacity gaps to bring about the desired changes of the recipient NGEs. Fully aligned with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Strategy (FIAP), these initiatives will integrate gender equality, climate action/environmental sustainability, human rights, and good governance as key objectives. Canadian experts will come from all walks of life, proudly representing world-class technical human resources but also the diversity and multi-culturalism that is Canada. TAP-EDM is a four-year C$18,750,000-million-dollar project funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and managed by Alinea International.

About the work

Kosovo has significant reserves of various minerals and mining opportunities that were once a major driver of the economy and a source of employment. The sector was devastated during the 1990s Kosovo War, when much of the mining infrastructure was destroyed. Many of the abandoned mining operations were left without proper closure allowing waste tailings (mercury/lead) to seep into the country’s ground water. Recovery is possible but this requires a sound regulatory and governance framework to guide and support domestic and foreign investment into the sector. To address this, TAP is providing Canadian technical expertise to the Ministry of Economy in the form of a Canadian Mining Governance Expert. The Expert will work together with the Deputy Minister, the Mining Department and other associated entities to, first, identify the bottlenecks to investment and then, co-create some solutions. Expected services may also include training and coaching to strengthen the Government’s capacity to assess, design, develop and deliver good policies, programs and services that support a gender responsive, transparent, inclusive and sustainable mining industry.

The Role

The Canadian Mining Governance Expert fills a critical capacity gap in the Government of Kosovo (GoK), providing technical assistance, training, professional accompaniment and advisory services to the Ministry of Economy and other government organizations over the course of a four (4) month deployment. The objective is to strengthen the GoK’s approach and capacity to attract and retain foreign direct investment for the growth and development of the mining sector. Specifically, the Expert shall:
• Conduct a comprehensive (360 degree) review/assessment of the Government’s role to manage the mining sector and attract investment. This includes designing and conducting: (i) a preliminary assessment of the current mining development strategy and its performance to date vis-à-vis sector development and investment attraction; (ii) a functional review of the MoE, the Mining Department, the Independent Commission on Mines and Minerals and any related government organizations that regulate the mining sector; (iii) an assessment of the country’s only mining State Owned Enterprise (SOE); (iv) a review of the policies and regulatory framework the guides the mining sector including investment; (v) a process review of investor promotion/management processes; and (vi) the development of an investment stakeholder map.
• Based on the assessment, collaboratively with the MoE, develop a flexible, sequenced work plan and set of deliverables to be completed during the assignment/deployment period. This work and deliverables shall focus on improving the capacity of the Government of Kosovo to manage/regulate the growth and development of the mining sector in a balanced, sustainable, socially-responsive way.
• Over a three-to-four-month period, deliver technical and management advisory services to the Government of Kosovo (Ministry of Economy, Prime Minister’s Office) to improve/reform the framework and mechanisms used to attract and retain investment in the mining sector according to the work plan. This may include designing, developing and delivering trainings, facilitated workshops and consultations and the co-creation of policies, legislation, regulations, programs, services.
• Act as technical support and counsellor to the Deputy Minister to the Ministry of Economy as well as other leaders within the Government of Kosovo on an as needed basis.
• Design and delivery a minimum of one (1) public engagement event that engages Canadians that are not familiar to Canada’s work overseas.
• Complete any necessary reporting including a final report.

Required Qualifications:

A seasoned public sector, mining governance expert, ideally with experience in both the private and public sectors. Required qualifications for this position include the following:
• Blend of advanced technical education and experience in natural resource governance and management. Candidates should have a degree in engineering (mining) and/or an associated discipline (e.g. mineral processing, exploration, excavation, geology, geoscience, metallurgy, geotechnical engineering and surveying).
• Minimum of 10 years work experience (5 at a senior level) within or for a government institution that directly oversees, regulates and/or manages natural resources including investment attraction. Some private sector experience in the mining sector is desirable.
• Demonstrated technical knowledge and experience assessing, developing, implementing and/or monitoring inclusive strategies, policies, regulations, programs, processes, mechanisms, tools and services (including royalty systems, licensing and mineral agreements) that support, promote, regulate and monitor a sound, safe and sustainable natural resource sector.
• Up to date on the latest thinking around governance/regulatory approaches related to the mining sector; familiar with different environmental and social safeguard tools and instruments that protect the mining sector and its communities.
• Understanding and skills designing, planning and implementing functional assessments of organizations.
• Familiarity with designing and delivering workshop/training and other capacity development methodologies.
• Strong network in the Canadian/international mining sector, preference is given to candidates whose networks include mining companies that work and invest internationally.
• Self-motivated, able to work independently with very limited supervision.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills include report writing and managing information from diverse sources.
• Ability to work effectively and respectfully in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment.
• Languages: English (Fluent), Preference for those with South Slavik language skills (Albanian, Croatian, etc.)
• Knowledge of and/or experience in transitional/Former Soviet Union economies is preferred.
• Knowledge of and/or experience using Gender Based Analysis in policy, program and service development is preferred.