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So you want to be a development consultant ...

Submitted by admin on 31 October 2007

Guidelines created by CAIDP member Larry Hendricks.

About the e-guide:

Being an international development professional is an exciting career. It is also a serious business. This paper has been referred to as guidelines and a manual. The contents of the paper discuss the nature of the business, how to market yourself, some field issues and concerns about the consulting practice. People who want to be an international development professional should consider these issues before making their decision to enter the international development business as a professional.

About Larry Hendricks:

Mr Hendricks has in depth experience as a Senior Consultant and Manager, with core competence in microfinance, enterprise development, small and medium enterprises, and cooperatives. Mr Hendricks has experience in establishing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating these programs. He has conducted detailed independent assessments of potential partner microfinance institutions for receptiveness and capacity to implement with the microfinance programs. Through his work Mr Hendricks has demonstrated his ability to work with local institutions to set up and improve existing microfinance programs. He has experience developing and delivering training courses, including income diversification, marketing, business planning and product development. Mr Hendricks has had extensive experience working in remote areas and is familiar with the complexities associated with rural development.

He brings 35 years of management and leadership experience to assignments and is able to apply that experience by conduction practical assessments of a situation and making  implementable recommendations. At present he is the President and CEO of Hendricks and Associates and has successfully completed over 40 contracts.

So You Want to be an International Development Consultant.