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Joint GAC-International Development Community Solutions Group: Mandate

Submitted by nicko2 on 21 July 2020

In June representatives of CAIDP's External Relations Committee attended the first weekly meeting of the joint GAC-International Development Community Solutions Group working on the impact of covid19 on Canadian international development programming.

The mandate of this group is work to simplify processes and mechanisms in the context of this crisis. Our focus is on finding practical solutions to the problems the pandemic has imposed on us and to figure out what we can do differently, while recognizing that not every problem is within our control.

The Terms of Reference are attached.

CAIDP External Relations Committee representatives attend these meetings on behalf of members.

On a weekly basis the group discusses particular topics or questions. CAIDP representatives share these topics and questions in advance of the meetings order to gather member feedback.

Summaries of the issues, questions and member feedback, along with any agreed solutions are available in the Members Corner under CAIDP Business/Working for you.

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