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How Useful are “Numbers at the Touch of a Button?

Submitted by nicko2 on 12 April 2023

CAIDP Members who have followed the Auditor General's Report on GAC's challenges in measuring and reporting will find this paper from the OECD-DAC Results Community on the German experience with trying to develop comprehensive standard indicators for development cooperation that would allow data to be rolled up to present a comprehensive picture of results interesting. Remember that all CAIDP Members have free download access to the OECD-iLibrary.

"How Useful are “Numbers at the Touch of a Button”? This fascinating policy brief discusses Germany’s current thrust to introduce comprehensive standard indicators and better manage its development co-operation programme. A path full of promise, risks, and opportunities that may provide insights for the half of OECD countries that are yet to introduce a comprehensive results framework for ODA management.

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