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The 2018 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals: an all-new visual guide to data and development

Submitted by nicko2 on 04 June 2018

The World Bank has issued the 2018 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals, which contains over 180 maps and charts. This new publication shows the progress societies are making towards the 17 SDGs and is filled with annotated data visualizations, which can be reproducibly built from source code and data.

The Atlas draws on World Development Indicators, a database of over 1,400 indicators for more than 220 economies, many going back over 50 years. The Atlas also explores new data from scientists and researchers where standards for measuring SDG targets are still being developed.In addition to trends, the Atlas discusses measurement issues.

Throughout the Atlas, data are presented by country, region and income group and often disaggregated by sex, wealth and geography.

Development practioneers will find this a treasure trove of data and ways to present it.

View the SDG Atlas online, download the PDF publication (30Mb), and access the data and source code behind the figures.