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Sumar + Associates

Sumar + Associates is a specialized global consultancy supporting private, public and not-for-profit clients to establish and/or expand their global footprint in emerging markets by leveraging our depth of expertise and results-driven experience – in Canada and abroad.

Sumar + Associates drives sustainable, triple-bottom line growth for our clients through three practice areas:

  • Strategy + Growth;
  • Engagement + Diligence;
  • Management + Operations

What Defines Sumar + Associates
We loathe conventional thinking. For good reason. Mediocrity for the masses has yet to transform an economy or a change a life for the better.

We don’t buy it. We don't sell it.

We focus of designing differentiated and bespoke solutions that sustain growth, empower stakeholders and above all, create value aligned to values.

Action is important but only Results Matter.

Sumar + Associates Delivers.