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Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT)

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization with charitable status headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. With a 'footprint' across 12 countries, DOT has locally managed offices in Africa, the Middle East; Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Lebanon and Jordan; Canada and the UK, and we operate in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia through partner networks.

Our vision is a world where all underserved and disadvantaged young women and men realize their potential in an inclusive digital economy.

Since 2002 as an ICT for development leader,  DOT has been implementing a unique youth-led model that has mobilized thousands of local young leaders who have reached over 3 million members of vulnerable communities.  To overcome the gap in digital inclusion, DOT is equipping young women and men with the skills and networks to leverage technology and innovation to drive micro (community) and macro (policy) level change for an inclusive digital economy

DOT believes in the power and creativity of young people to lead responsible change in their communities. We specifically trust and empower young women to own and lead their visions for the future and become role models, facilitators and changemakers who transform their communities.

Specifically, DOT is committed to

1. Youth: DOT’s trusted youth-led programming champions youth voices directly through experiential learning, co-design, youth advisory boards and youth journey mapping - an innovative and effective feedback mechanism.

2. Gender: DOT is a women-led organization committed to bridging the gender digital divide in underserved communities. Over 70% of our management and staff are women. It is a policy that over 70% of participants and beneficiaries are young women. DOT walks the talk.

3. Digital Inclusion: Through DOT’s programs, youth are gaining the market-relevant digital skills necessary for dignified jobs, or to launch and scale their businesses and social enterprises, thereby contributing to the digital economies of their communities and countries.

4. Climate: DOT has also turned its youth-led model to the climate crisis. DOT is supporting youth to be local climate champions and advocates for climate justice, mobilizing young women and men to work alongside their peers, their community neighbours, and their governments and private sector to contribute to SDG 13 and promote sustainable development in a transition to a green economy.

5. Partnership: Partnership has always been a fundamental component of the way DOT works. Respecting government priorities, DOT works primarily with private sector partners at both the international and national levels - partners who share our values. DOT delivers its programs through collaborative agreements with hundreds of local community-based organizations.