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Announcement: COVID 19 RoundTable For Canadian Aid & Development Security Professionals Launching

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 24 April 2020

A number of Canadian aid and development security professionals are convening a regular virtual roundtable for Canadian security and risk managers in the aid, humanitarian and development space. It's mandate will be to facilitate the sharing of intel, resources, updates, etc relating to the COVID outbreak. The Roundtable will meet twice a month.

To ensure the relevance of the group for all members, we're restricting participation to those:

1.      with full time responsibility for security or risk management in an aid, humanitarian or development context and

2.      are employed by or are affiliated with a Canadian NGO, contract executing agency or with a Canadian project/program

If you are interested in joining, please contact Scott Ruddick at and he’ll send details. Feel free to pass this along to others, as well.


Scott Ruddick,


Sr. Director, Global Security  | MEDA |

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