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Session 5: Exploring Major Trends and Drivers of Change


What the Future Holds in Store for International Development Cooperation: Exploring Major Trends and Drivers of Change


Several trends and drivers of change are reshaping the global environment for international development. The ways in which development cooperation agencies will operate and deliver their services in the coming years will have to adapt to a world disrupted by technological advancements, demographic shifts, climate change, and geopolitical fragmentation. 

This panel brings together Canadian experts in strategic foresight and futures thinking to discuss plausible changes in the economic, social, environmental, and political contexts in Canada and the world over the next two decades that are likely to impact development assistance. The panelists will explore the implications of different plausible future scenarios for Canadian international development consultants and other actors in the international development ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on what changes consultants should be monitoring.


Prof. Bart Edes, is a policy analyst, commentator, and author of Learning From Tomorrow: Using Strategic Foresight to Prepare for the Next Big Disruption (2021). He focuses on developing Asian economies, international development, cross-border trade and investment, innovation, social policies, and transformative trends reshaping the world.

Presenters / Panellists:

Isabelle Kim, Ph.D., Senior Policy Analyst, International Assistance Research and Knowledge, Global Affairs Canada (GAC), has over 20 years’ experience working in international development, health, education and research. She has worked in CSOs, universities and hospitals in Canada and internationally. In her current role at GAC Isabelle works on strategic foresight and other initiatives.

Andy Ouedraogo, is a Research and Program Officer at Cooperation Canada and is currently navigating the exciting realms of strategic foresight and international development. With a foundation in international relations and global political economy, Andy leads the Global Cooperation Futures Initiative funded by the International Development Research Centre and aimed at reimagining next generation global cooperation.

Fraser Reilly-King, Senior Analyst at International Development Research Centre (IDRC), supports the Centre’s work and thinking around private sector engagement, knowledge sharing, thought leadership and strategic foresight.