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Session 12: West African Education Case Study


Scaling up Education Innovation to ensure state ownership and investment, the case of accelerated education in West Africa


Education systems are continuing to fail large numbers of out of school children in remote rural and extreme poverty zones in West Africa.  Accelerated education systems have emerged due to the investment by Non state actors (particularly in conflict and fragile settings); these models have robust evidence of their efficacy in relation to the learning outcomes, transitioning children back into school and empowering them with foundation literacy, numeracy and life skills.  Accelerated programs have also proven to have sustained impact in reversing the attitudes of parents and communities which often restrict girls’ participation in primary schooling due to socio cultural barriers.  Scaling up these accelerated education models using large scale evidence and knowledge sharing programs has required that governments begin interrogating the evidence, taking the lead, ownership and investment along with other development partners.  The panel will explore the Out of school crisis in SSA, the political economic uptake of innovations and the challenges in attaining Government investment for the millions of children who remain out of school based on their right to education. 


 Dr. Robert Sauder, NPSIA

Presenters / Panellists:

Sheena Bell, PhD Candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Toronto focusing on the leading conceptual framework on Out Of School Child (OOSC) models driving Global and National Research Agenda’s

Leslie Casely - Hayford, Associates for Change, Accra, Ghana, principal investigator of a multi country study on Out Of School Children (OOSC) and accelerated education models in West Africa

Tricia Wind, Program Leader, Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, International Development Research Centre (, focusing on the importance of research in implementing and scaling up of education innovations in SSA for Government uptake