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30 novembre 2023

Algonquin College students are taught by industry experts and possess the in-demand professional and technical skills needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Their eagerness to hit the ground running as valuable team members means you can expect immediate contributions to your organization.

20 septembre 2023

Here is an OECD blog on a very timely topic / Voici un blog de l'OCDE sur un sujet d'actualité

28 août 2023

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach. I work with the international development / humanitarian professionals in career transition, including:

30 juin 2023

Some CAIDP Members may be interested in the upcoming live stream from Chatham House entitled "Working with the Taliban".

30 juin 2023

Dans le cadre des activités nationales Together/Ensemble 2023, l'honorable Karina Gould, ministre de la Famille, des Enfants et du Développement social, a prononcé le discours principal. Un lien vers les remarques de la ministre Gould est disponible sur la chaîne YouTube de Together/Ensemble.

05 mai 2023

I feel the community needs to hear about an unfortunate recent experience I had with a GAC bid.  Everything seemed normal at first - renowned Canadian company asks me to join their team for a GAC bid - everyone touches up their cvs and demonstrates how they meet the mandatory criteria, the bid goes in, and then GAC procurement decides.  Surprisingly (to me at least), the firm the bid was unsuccessful because (among other things) I did not meet the mandatory criteria of having a relevant Master’s degree. Hmmm.

05 avril 2023

Members be interested in participating in the Global Digital Development Forum on April 26-27 which includes over 24 hours of hybrid events and in-person events in multiple countries in the Global South.

05 avril 2023

Members may be interested in joining the Global Partnership for Development Cooperation to receive timely updates and newsletters and participating in this upcoming side event on the margins of UN 2023 Financing for Development Forum on April 19.

29 mars 2023

In case you didn’t see it and might be interested, note OAG’s report on Canada’s international assistance in support of gender equality.

23 février 2022

Sharing this visual framework that I developed as an aid for strengthening education systems. This is not a conceptual framework, rather broadly models the delivery of primary education service in a developing country. Seeks to remind funders, designers, and managers of primary education programs that piecemeal and disjointed responses may not yield system-wide improvements. The visual model is to assist in viewing the system holistically, developing an appreciation of how key parts of the system interact with each other and influence the entire system in a dynamic context, identifying points of leverage, and designing and coordinating interventions to improve overall performance of primary education system.