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Pamela Branch

PSI - Project Services International
A propos

Pamela Branch is one of the founders of Project Services International (PSI), a Canadian international development consulting firm, incorporated in 1990. She acts as the managing director for PSI and consults largely in the area of institutional strengthening. Her work covers all aspects of the project cycle, from identification and feasibility studies through design and project and programme performance measurement including developing performance measurement frameworks, conducting reviews, monitoring, evaluation, institutional assessment and audit assignments, and development and delivery.

Développement des capacités
Société civile et renforcement institutionnel
Coordination des donateurs
Développement organisationnel
Contrôle, audit et évaluation
Mesure du rendement
Développement du secteur privé
Gestion de projet
Design et planification de projets
Gestion axée sur les résultats
Planification stratégique