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Canadian Audit Advisor

Cowater International Inc.
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Cowater International Inc. is a well-established international development and management consulting firm based in Ottawa, Canada with experience in 60 countries worldwide.  More information about the firm may be obtained at


Cowater is currently recruiting for a part-time Canadian Audit Advisor for a tender in Cuba.  The objective of the project is to improve the accountability of public expenditures in Cuba by strengthening the office of Comptroller-General of the Republic (CGR). Key outcomes of the project will include:


  • improved quality of audits performed throughout the National Audit System (NAS);
  • increasing knowledge and skills of NAS auditors in areas of audit methodology and supervision;
  • increasing the capacity of CGR officials to disseminate training on audit and supervision techniques across the NAS;
  • increasing the capacity of the CGR to ensure compliance with, and integration of, internationally-harmonized audit standards throughout the NAS; and
  • improved capacity of CGR to manage, oversee and apply information systems and technology to audit functions.


The part-time Canadian Audit Advisor will be based in Canada and will report to the Canadian Project Manager. S/he will provide technical and professional advice, and be responsible for the transfer technical knowledge and experience in the audit function.


Responsibilities will include (inter alia):


  • supporting the Canadian Project Manager to ensure that sound audit practices, based on international standards and audit technology are reflected in training and technical assistance activities and outputs;
  • assessing the quality of Cuban expertise in auditing and necessary IT infrastructure;
  • supporting the Canadian Project Manager to develop in collaboration with Cuban partners a government-wide audit strategy consistent with international standards;
  • supporting the Canadian Project Manager to ensure that training at national, provincial and municipal levels includes evaluation methodology and techniques;
  • providing expert advice on audit training & required audit IT infrastructure, with an emphasis on results-based management, results-based budgeting, and monitoring frameworks;
  • developing and implementing strategies, tools and methodologies for the integration and coordination of sound auditing practices and procedures within the context of decentralization;
  • developing and implementing strategies to strengthen local planning within the context of both  national policies and local-level planning priorities and realities;
  • coordinating with the project specialists to ensure the integration of cross-cutting themes into project activities; and
  • participating in local training exercises and assessing and evaluating their results throughout the course of the project, making adjustments as required.


Required Qualifications:


  • a Masters degree in auditing or accounting;
  • at least 10 years of experience in auditing or accounting of multi-year development projects of 5 million dollars or more;
  • experience in working in projects involving auditing or accounting located in Cuba, or in Latin American countries other than Cuba;
  • at least 7 years of experience in public auditing initiatives, preferably in performance auditing in line with international practices such as those of INTOSAI;
  • at least 10 years of experience in transferring technical knowledge and building capacities in the field of public audit or public accounting;
  • experience in using participatory and collaborative approaches, with multiple stakeholders, within multidisciplinary teams;
  • experience using results-based management (RBM) principles and tools; and
  • experience integrating the cross-cutting themes of gender equality, governance and/or environmental sustainability.


Fluency in Spanish will be considered a strong asset.


Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications to Please indicate “Canadian Audit Advisor – Cuba” in the subject line. 


Closing is August 10th.  We thank all of those who apply, but only those making the short-list will be contacted.