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Abid Mallick

My Company
DevSYS Consulting

Abid Mallick is a monitoring, evaluation and systems strengthening specialist. He assists in project design, inception and management;  developing monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems; evaluating programs; strengthening public and organisational systems; and building partnerships. Trained as systems and management engineer with focus on public, social and organisational systems, he brings systems thinking, RBM approach, gender lens, years of leadership and management experience, and strong analytical and writing abilities combined with empathy and a pleasant demeanor to his consulting work.

Abid draws on his practical experience in program design and management, organisational and MEL systems strengthening, and resource mobilisation gained from over 25 years in senior leadership and technical positions at Aga Khan Foundation, World Bank (WB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB).  Having worked at the two multilateral institutions, he brings strong familiarity of public sector programs and institutions.

Abid has extensive experience in health, early childhood development, education, rural water supply and sanitation, agriculture value chains, MSME development, post disaster relief and reconstruction, civil society, and governance sector programs in parts of south and central Asia, eastern and southern Africa, and the Middle East.  Has conducted evaluations, established/strengthened monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems at government and non-govt agencies, supported organisational strengthening, and led/facilitated design of projects including theory of change, logic model, performance measurement framework, budget, and proposal development.  His recent consulting assignment was leading the Development Effectiveness Review of ADB supported Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC)  program.

As Director of Programs at Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), he led the program team and was responsible for developing and managing AKFC program portfolio before moving to Tanzania where he led AKF’s country operations for seven years (until mid 2019) with a team of over 90 members implementing a growing portfolio of projects in multiple sectors.  Has a track record on resource mobilization from bilateral, multilateral, and private philanthropic institutions. Catalysed productive partnerships with government institutions, private sector, and civil society.  Abid has worked at ADB and WB in Pakistan for ten years on strengthening national and sub-national monitoring and accountability systems - including  Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) Survey by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and governance monitoring system at Auditor General’s Office - for tracking progress on poverty reduction, human development, and governance in social sectors in Pakistan.

Has established DevSYS Consulting. Provides services in the following areas:
• Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
• Systems and Institutional Strengthening
• Program/Project Design, Inception and Management
• Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation

Selected Reports and Blogs

Mallick, A. (2021). Development Effectiveness Review of Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program, Report for Asian Development Bank, 

Mallick, A., Weeks, C. (2021). Evaluation of COVID-19 Project of Public Health Physicians of Canada; Final Report.

Weeks, C., Mallick, A. and LaFrance. J. (2020). Summative Evaluation of the Toronto Centre, Final Report.

Mallick. A. (2020). Engaging Non-Traditional Donors in ADB’s Inclusivity and Clean Oceans Initiatives; Landscape analysis and strategy for partnership with private philanthropic foundations; report prepared for Asian Development Bank, Manila.

Mallick. A. (2021); Why apply systems thinking in international assistance?; Blog.

Mallick. A. (2020); Three lessons on project management that I learned from my mistakes; Blog.

Mallick. A. (2020); Eight vehicles for reaching scale; Blog.

Ross. S, Nizari. T and Mallick. A. (2017);  Smart Solution Series on Agriculture Market Systems; Learning papers.

Mallick A.; (2000); Social Action Programme: Pakistan, Review of Progress; Paper presented at the South Asia Poverty Monitoring Workshop organized by the World Bank, June 8-10, 2000, New Delhi, India.

Capacity Development
Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Food Security
Organizational Development
Performance Measurement
Project Management
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Rural Development
Strategic Planning
Water Supply and Sanitation
Membership in Professional Societies
Canadian Evaluation Society; CAIDP