Program 2017 and 2018 Conference

In February of 2017 CAIDP conducted the first comprehensive survey of its community in ten years. One of our questions concerned members’ expectations of the annual conference, in light of emerging inexpensive electronic meeting facilities. Members informed us that they wished to continue the conferences, which bring the community together and allow face to face meetings and networking. At the same time, they would like to see more short webinars focused on specific topics.

CAIDP’s Board has responded by changing the Conference Committee to become the Program and Conference Committee. This Committee is to deliver on the CAIDP mandate to provide a forum for members to exchange professional information and engage in professional development.

So far this year CAIDP has hosted two fully subscribed webinars:

·    Global Affairs Canada’s New Results Based Management Guide;

·    Working with Global Affairs Canada: Contracts for International Assistance Programming

Two more webinars are being designed for the fall, the first in September and the second likely to be in late October: watch for announcements.

CAIDP is also working with the Canadian Council of International Law to define our next conference for January 2018. This conference will be held in Ottawa and will focus on the challenges raised by the World Development Report 2017 “Governance and the Law”. More details are coming soon and we look forward to see you all there!