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Insurance Products for CAIDP Members

CAIDP Member Insurance Products

Specialized insurance is a mandatory part of working in international development. In addition to protecting themselves and their families members are often required to have insurance covering the risks associated with working internationally as part of contracts and agreements.

CAIDP has worked hard to explain the special needs of our members, who travel to some of the world’s less stable areas for work to specialist insurance providers and negotiate discount rates for members for the following commonly required insurance products, all of which apply to Canadian residents working internationally.

• General liability: $2 million of coverage, savings for average firm 20%
• Error & Omissions: $1 million of coverage, savings for average firm 20%
• Travel medical and evacuation including conflict risk and evacuation: all countries as low as $325 per individual per year

CAIDP is working with established, reputable insurance providers who understand our business and who have a demonstrated track record of providing insurance products suited to the kind of work we do. We invite you to get in touch with our providers and compare services and prices in relation to your own needs.

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Please note these insurance products are an exclusive benefit for members and you must sign in to your CAIDP account to access this information.